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Getting Started

Last updated: May 31, 2024

Stump grinding can appear pretty straight forward, and it generally is. However, you have some choices.

Grind and Go. This service is as described. The options here are how deep and how far of a root reach is desired. Also, does a flush cut need to be made?—This is how many inches the stump top is presently above ground.

Grind and Sift. A fast grind can leave larger chips which are slower to decompose. This will leave a recession in the yard after time. A slower grind will create fine grindings— a heavy sawdust. In either case, after the above grind is made, much wood can be removed. We call this sifting.

When we grind out wood underground, the surrounding soil will be mixed with the wood. This will decompose at a slower rate so augmenting this with some bags soil will keep the settling to a minimum.

In some cases this can save the need for hauling away a lot of material and replacing the material with soil.

We can also "flush cut" the stump if you desire. This saves on extra chips being mixed in with the soil.


There are a few safety items to watch out for. Mostly, it's not what is seen but what is unseen. For example: If you want us to grind deep, we will need to be made aware of any underground lines (e.g. water, fuel, septic, electric, and sprinkler) If in doubt, utility companies will come out and mark the locations for you.

Rocks can be used to landscape around trees. These can settle and take out cutters. Please let us know and we can arrange removal if desired. This would keep costs to a minimum.

The grinder machine needs a gate opening of 36". The machine is 35" W x 108'' L x 58'' in height.

Our machine is equipped with wide inflatable rubber tires. These tires keep impressions in softer soil to a minimum while machines with tracks can tear up lawns.

Children, pets and adults are not to be in the area when grinding. A safety clearance of 50' is desired. While grinding or raking (leveling) is in process, do not come near the machine or opperator. Wave from a distance to catch the operator's attention if you need to communicate something. The grinder wheel is extremely dangerous, please heed safe distances.

Why careful grinding is a safer way to grind: Aged stumps, please advise us of any known foreign objects like metal garden posts, laundry line hooks, metal safes, leaf springs* and angle iron*. Really. See photos below.

We look forward to quoting your job. Once approved, we can either schedule your project or, if there is an opening, we can begin immediately. Advise us of your timing and we might be able to travel to your place with a grinder.


Payment is due upon completion. We prefer cash but can take check or credit card (not American Express).

Contact Us

If you have any questions feel free to reach out:

A little humor along the way...
About Stump Grudge Removal

Usually the stump grudge goes away upon stump removal. However, we are a "grind and go" service. If there are any remaining "chips on anyone's shoulders", we'll be happy to rake them into the rest of the wood chips made from grinding. You should be good to go.

On the rare occasion the chip doesn't compost, we'll be happy to help you "will" to forgive the invasive stump. We advise you to do it quickly as a "root" of bitterness can begin to grow quickly. Also, you may know of another stump that desperately needs removal and may not have addressed it openly. Address all the stumps that you know of, even those of friends, and relatives. Grudges can go fairly deep, especially in family trees.

We look forward to working with you to eliminate your stump grudge.

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