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Jim and Tammy Kraft do just about everything together. However, when it comes to grinding stumps, Jim is heading the trail on that. Jim and Tammy live in Perry Ohio, near one of their favorite Lakefront parks. Jim has spent most of his work time behind a computer doing all sorts of graphic, photographic communication and e-com projects.

Jim realized that our bodies were made for physical work. Hense, it's time to divide the daily routine into something with more physical activity, getting outdoors and, best of all, meeting people.

Jim and Tammy's friend told Jim about his stump grinding business of 35 years. So for the past year he has been showing Jim the ropes of the business.

Tammy works for a local non-profit as an Ohio State certified Prevention Specialist, making presentations to students in the Lake County school system.

Their two adult children live in Texas.




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