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There are only a few items to know when directing the removal of a larger stump. If the directions are specific you can make sure you are getting only what you need. If a mound surrounding a stump is okay to leave, communicate that as the wood below the stump is a very hard wood and there can be lots of it.

A typical removal addresses the roots and root knuckles that reach 4-6'' below yard level. If you would like yard level and an extra 4-6" or more of the tree's base removed for other yard projects, please advise.

Flush cut is removing as much of the stump as possible. Another way to help the project to move efficiently along. Your tree service may do this for you or have already done it.

Please check out our Getting Started page for additional information.

knuckle cutting path stump grinding
KW Stump Grinding can do just what you need and no more. Even though the tree's knuckles can reach out several feet, it doesn't mean that the entire area needs grinding. The above photo shows a grinding path taken that worked well for the client.

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